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Safercigs was established in 2011 to provide electronic cigarettes, a non-tobacco nicotine-containing product (NCP), to an ever-increasing customer base. Safercigs takes seriously its responsibility to provide effective, top quality alternatives to smoked tobacco, instituting a rigorous testing regime to guarantee quality in all of its products.


This stems from the belief that electronic cigarettes represent the most credible, viable and acceptable alternative to smoked tobacco, and thus help to reduce the incidence of COPD, lung cancer and other smoking related diseases.


Our E-Liquids are fully tested and are provided in compliant bottles with child proof lids. We have a range of UK/ USA made liquids as well as Hangsen which is made in China 


We send out our products for testing before we place them on sale to ensure that what we sell is perfect for your needs. As vapours we understand that quality counts and would not sell a product that we would not be more than happy to use ourselves.


Safercigs prides it self on providing the best customer service possible.


In 2011 we won the UKVapers vendor of year award beating our competitors by quite some distance.



Our electronic cigarettes are only sold to Adults aged over 18. Our products are not advertised as or sold as " Quit Aids or NRT" we make no claims that through the use of these products you will quit smoking. We offer a alternative to tobacco smoking.


The SaferCig Electronic Cigarette is intended for smokers aged 18 years or older (21 were applicable). You must be of legal age in your area to purchase/use our products. The electronic cigarette is not a smoking cessation aid. The electronic cigarette is designed to serve the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette. We do not provide NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), we are not a pharmaceutical company or produce medical products