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Battery Safety Guide


Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since they were introduced many years ago and as such it’s important to keep updated on Battery Safety. At Safercigs we put safety above all and as a responsible vendor it’s our duty to ensure that we give you this information.


Basic Starter Kits

  • Only use the chargers that we provide with our kits as they have been fully tested to ensure that they work together and are safe if used correctly.
  • Never use a phone charger to charge the battery. We have Safety approved wall plugs available for this.
  • Charge on a hard surface and never leave unattended whilst charging and never charge overnight whilst you are sleeping.
  • If the battery is damaged in any way replace it and do not try to charge it.
  • Keep the battery and the USB lead clean from any liquids and debris
  • Do not carry spare batteries in the pocket with any keys or lose change.
  • Do not submerge the battery in water.


IMR 18650/ 18350 Cells

  • Never carry in the pocket with lose change or keys always ensure that the battery is in an approved case.
  • Do not store the battery in extreme high or low temperature and only use approved charging equipment in good order to charge the battery.
  • Replace the battery after 6 months of use and dispose of in a recycling facility.
  • Never mix the batteries from one brand to another.
  • Replace any battery if the protective wrap is starting to come off.
  • Never charge the batteries unattended or overnight.

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