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Hangsen @ Safercigs

here at Safercigs we stock a range of Hangsen E-Liquids in a variety of flavours and have some great deals on them found HERE Hangsen E Liquids are made of the highest quality ingredients that are tested via various regulatory bodies In all the e liquids they only utilise pharmaceutical grade PG (Propylene Glycol) and all there e-liquids are supplied in child proof bottles and are CHIP compliant to meet strict safety guidelines. We pride ourselves on making your vaping experience the best it can
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Mr Salt E E-liquids is here

Mr. Salt-E is manufactured to high standards. This augmented regular e-juice is made with recreated salt forms, which you can find naturally occurring in tobacco leaf. Additionally, The smoothness of Mr. Salt-E’s high nicotine blends are similar to Juul’s flavours, but with a different formulation. You won’t believe you are vaping on a high nicotine blend!
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