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Darren Burns 09/02/2017

Mr. Salt-E is manufactured to high standards. This augmented regular e-juice is made with recreated salt forms, which you can find naturally occurring in tobacco leaf. Additionally, The smoothness of Mr. Salt-E’s high nicotine blends are similar to Juul’s flavours, but with a different formulation. You won’t believe you are vaping on a high nicotine blend!

Vaping 20mg nicotine strengths with nicotine salts are not the same as vaping 20mg regular e-liquid, it is not comparable due to the way salts are vaporized. Please note that every one’s preference is different, so it might take some experimenting to understand the nicotine strength you are most comfortable with.

The main difference between regular e-juice and nicotine salts e-juice lies in how your bloodstream absorbs nicotine. A combustible cigarette’s nicotine content is absorbed faster into your bloodstream than regular E-Liquid, and nicotine salts come closer to the “rush” you experience when you take a pull from a traditional cigarette due to the absorption rate. Further, Mr. Salt-E is available only in 20mg 12.5mg and 5mg nicotine strength.

Mr. Salt-E is not designed for sub-ohm setups. Please vape Mr. Salt-E with higher resistance setups like the Eleaf I Care, or refillable mods such as the MyJet. If you are building your own coils, use above 1.0Ω resistance builds.

Available on line at Safercigs in the following flavours  30ml 5mg 12.5mg and 20mg


RY4 A creamy tobacco flavour with hints of honey for a perfect blend.

Grapple Berry  Green apple and Strawberry with a hint of melon for the perfect tart vape

Mint Mint in all the right places to produce a refreshing cool vape

Vanilla Custard Delightful creamy Vanilla custard that will make you come back for more

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Dave Fenchurch 10/02/2017

I have tried the RY4 today and i have to admit i was surprised at how this eliquid works. I like to take 3 big draws each time then put my ecig down but on this i noticed after two draws i was puting my ecig down and leaving it for a while as the nicotine hit come very quickly and is strangely satisfying. It is as close as i have come to a cigarette in the way you feel the nicotine but the draw is not at all harsh its really smooth so far i have enjoyed the flavour and i will for sure try the other flavours in this range my only real concern is the cost but given you use the ecig less it will last as long as normal liquids but this is so much better. I hope they bring more flavours in to this range but for me it hits the spot that no other liquid has done for 3 years that i have been vaping. Cost aside i would give this a massive 9/10

Daniel 22/02/2017

As i understand it, the creator made a 5mg option for people who wanted use Mr Salt-E in tanks and drippers. 5mg will taste like 2mg in most cases, so users should feel confident using them in sub ohm devices.

Daz 22/02/2017

Hi Daniel yes you are correct that the 5mg range is for Sub ohm and Drippers. The warning was out for the higher nic bottles. We will be doing a video on the sub range this week.and will be promoting that side of these liquids