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Darren Burns 14/02/2017

Mr Salt E Eliquids

Mr Salt E-Liquids is salt based nicotine E-Liquid which captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf to produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker in to the body give you the natural rush as experienced through a smoked cigarette. Vaping Mr Salt E at higher nicotine strength 20mg is not the same as vaping 20mg traditional E-Liquid it’s much smoother and provides a rush much quicker for longer. Mr Salt will change the way you vape for ever.

We have 4 flavours available online and soon in store.

RY4 A creamy tobacco flavour with hints of honey for a perfect blend.

Grapple Berry Green apple and Strawberry with a hint of melon for the perfect tart vape

Mint Mint in all the right places to produce a refreshing cool vape

Vanilla Custard Delightful creamy Vanilla custard that will make you come back for more

30ml in 5mg, 12.5mg and 20mg
Mr. Salt-E is not designed for sub-ohm setups. Please vape Mr. Salt-E with higher resistance setups like the Eleaf iCare, or refillable mods such as the MyJet. If you are building your own coils, use above 1.0Ω resistance builds


Equilibrium Vapour

Equilibrium Vapour is produced in the USA in a state of the art clean room using only the finest USP/Food Grade ingredients. It is sold all over the USA and here at Safercigs we are delighted to bring you these amazing flavours. They are a taste sensation that will delight and massage your taste buds in to a frenzy of activity a fusion of flavours produce a vape that will not only excite but delight

Strawberry Mangerine A juicy mouthful of fresh strawberrys mango and tangerine for a tangy vape.

Strawberry Mangerine ICE A juicy mouthful of fresh strawberrys mango and tangerine for a tangy vape with a hint of cooling Menthol

Dewcumber Melon A blend of Melons and garden fresh cucumber that gives a light refreshing vape that you cannot put down ( well I can’t anyway )

30ml in 0mg 2mg and 6mg 80/20 mix



Rockslime is produced in the UK in a clean room of the highest standards. I have tried all of the Rockslime brand and took a lot to vape expo with me to give away. The feed back I have had has been fantastic and I am delighted to have these liquids all of which are TPD ready. I have got to know the owner very well and he is doing some amazing things for the industry. The following brands are produced under the Rockslime label.


Vicious V , Pink Lady and Crème Anglaise

Radical Vapes

Strawberry Medz Blue Energy and Bam Bam

Cloud Shakes

Banana Milkshake and Strawberry Milkshake

Muka Fuka

Raider and Lustard we have these avaialable in 100ml at great prices but not for long as soon we will only have 10ml

All of these liquids have gone through TPD and soon will be only available in 10ml bottles. We have stock of 30ml at the moment.

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