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Bauway Nickle Low Resistance 306 Bridgeless Atomizers - Luke - 23/05/2013
Took two working days for it to arrive with standard delivery which I think is superb service. This little fella produces copious amounts of vapour even with a 100% PG mix. 3-4 drops of liquid dripped into the atomiser works best for me, any more than this then it starts to gurgle. Its still performing strong after two weeks of continuous use, which is significantly longer in comparison to more expensive atomizers that I've previously owned. I have not experienced a nasty burnt taste at all, the flavour is great and the throat hit is just right. The drip tip it comes with isn't fantastic because you have to remove it each time to add your liquid. I would advise purchasing a different 306 drip tip with a wider air hole for more convenient direct dripping. Overall, I am very happy with the product, it performs better than I expected. I will certainly be purchasing more Bauway atomizers from SaferCigs in the near future.

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