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5 product stars
First Rebuildable - Michael Sparrow - 02/08/2014
This is my first rebuildable, bought over a year ago, still using it after 2x AGA-T2's 1x RSST and countless clearos, it just works so well, for some reason... Love it!

5 product stars
Good value for money! - Pete Gildea - 10/02/2013
I bought the IGO L not expecting a alot.....i was pleasently surprised that this little dripper is kicking butt! Easy to wick n coil it can take a good few drops of liquid and has not leaked, i filled it right up to see if it would leak... no leaks!!lol, Very impressed with the delivery, 2 days! Thanks to Safercigs for the well packaged and prompt service!

5 product stars
great value rebuildable - andy mann - 04/30/2013
easy to wick and coil, nice vapour and throat hit very good value for money.If you are after a rebuildable you cant go wrong with this.

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